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We are a team of people passionate and devoted about traditional Nan Yang food and beverages, not only in preserving the origin of these delicacies, and also persevere in promoting traditional Nan Yang dishes to the public, and passing down this unique heritage to our future generations.

Our founder, Mr. Tan Check Kiang has over 30 years of experience in food and beverages business. Starting from young age, Mr. Tan gained his experiences working at Chinese seafood restaurants, Chinese BBQ restaurants, traditional kopi-tiam, and today in Tea Garden; with his experiences gained working abroad in Singapore, Brunei, and Sabah.

Master Wong Yun

(The Craftsman)

Mr. Tan Chek Kiang

(The Founder)

Mr. Yap Teck Peng

(The Taster)

Our executive chef, Mr. Yap Teck Peng, has a profound work experiences in F&B industry for over four decades, gaining his experiences in Malaysia, Singapore New Zealand and Switzerland. Mr. Yap has high standard in serving the freshest, most our product’s standards are at their best from the original sources, during the productions, and to the serving tables. To achieve that, Mr. Yap will have to examine the quality of ingredients and products our suppliers have to offer, and ensure that they will deliver the best. Also, not compromising on one thing, that our food must be healthy. So come into our restaurants, be assured that our foods are prepared without additive / substitutes, and our products prepared by us freshly.

Chef Wong has approximately 5 decades of Dim Sum making experience under his belt, beginning at the tender age of 14 years old, under the guidance of several Dim Sum specialty chefs from XinYa Hotel in Hong Kong. Tea Garden’s Dim Sum products are specially hand-crafted by Chef Wong and his team.


We currently have over 600 team members in Malaysia and over 150 team members in Indonesia.

The Team

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